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Hey there, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Helen, a fourth-year undergraduate at Columbia University ♔. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor BA's in Computer Science and Mathematics and a concentration in East Asian Studies. I expect to graduate in the year 2020. Previously, I graduated with honors from Stuyvesant High School in the year 2016.

My interests include math, computer science, statistics, business, health, and art. I seek to develop and use quantitative skills to better the human condition and further our understanding of things. I am currently conducting research in the Statistics Department with Professor Tian Zheng. Previously, I performed computational biology research at The Pe'er lab. On the side, I also researched and made stock pitches as a Senior Research Analyst of Smart Woman Securities. Two summers ago, I got to learn about finance by participating in the awesome program Girls Who Invest. Currently, I am working on the client team of the exciting and new Lionbase at Columbia University.

One thing I'm particularly passionate about is teaching and helping others. So the following are some of the most rewarding positions I've been able to hold thus far on campus. Since freshman year, I've actively volunteered as a tutor and served as Treasury Coordinator for One-to-One Tutoring. Currently I also serve as President for Girls Who Code. I am furthermore a Teaching Assistant for the Department of Mathematics, and was previously a Grader for the Department of Statistics at Columbia University.

In my spare time, I enjoy eating yummy food, drawing, painting, listening to music, reading, dancing, swimming, and practicing yoga. I also love traveling and learning new languages.

I am always looking to make new connections and expand my skill set, so if you know of any opportunities or would simply like to chat, feel free to contact me by clicking the envelope icon (✉) above.

Have a lovely day~ ❀

Academic Coursework

@Columbia University

Fall 2016

  • CHEM 1403: General Chemistry I
  • ENGL CC1010: University Writing: Human Rights
  • HUMA CC1001: Literature Humanities I
  • KORN UN1102: First Year Korean I (Heritage)
  • MATH UN1201: Calculus III

Spring 2017

  • CHEM 1404: General Chemistry II
  • COMS W3103: Programming Lang (Python)
  • HUMA CC1002: Literature Humanities II
  • MATH UN1202: Calculus IV
  • KORN UN1101: First Year Korean II (Heritage)
  • PHED UN1002: Pilates
  • SCNC CC1000: Frontiers of Science

Summer 2017

  • STAT S1201: Calculus-Based Intro to Statistics

Fall 2017

  • COCI CC1101: Contemporary Civilization I
  • COMS W3134: Data Structures in Java
  • COMS W3203: Discrete Mathematics
  • KORN UN2201: Second Year Korean I (Heritage)
  • MATH UN2010: Linear Algebra
  • ___
  • Teaching Assistant for MATH UN1101: Calculus I
  • Grader for STATS UN1201: Calculus-Based Intro to Statistics

Spring 2018

  • COCI CC1102: Contemporary Civilization II
  • COMS W3261: Computer Science Theory
  • KORN UN2202: Second Year Korean II (Heritage)
  • MATH GU4041: Intro to Modern Algebra I
  • STAT GU4023: Probability Theory
  • ___
  • Teaching Assistant for MATH UN1202: Calculus IV

Fall 2018

  • COMS W3157: Advanced Programming
  • COMS W4701: Artificial Intelligence
  • KORN UN3005: Third Year Korean I
  • MATH GU4051: Topology
  • MATH GU4061: Intro to Modern Analysis I
  • ___
  • Teaching Assistant for MATH UN1201: Calculus III

Spring 2019

  • CSEE W3827: Fundamentals of Computer Systems
  • MATH GU4042: Intro to Modern Algebra II
  • MATH UN3952: Undergraduate Seminars II: Elementary Applied Topology
  • ASCE UN1363: Introduction to East Asian Civilization: Korea
  • HUMA UN1121: Masterpieces of Western Art
  • PHED UN1002: Physical Ed: Rec Games
  • ___
  • Teaching Assistant for MATH UN2010: Linear Algebra

Summer 2019

  • COMS S4705: Natural Language Processing
  • COMS S4771: Machine Learning
  • RELI S2308: East Asian Buddhism
  • ___
  • Teaching Assistant for MATH S1201: Calculus III
  • Teaching Assistant for MATH S1202: Calculus IV

Fall 2019

  • COMS W4731: Computer Vision
  • COMS E6998: Computation and the Brain
  • MATH GU4062: Modern Analysis II
  • AHUM V1400: Colloquium on Major Texts: East Asia
  • KORN W4105: Fourth Year Korean
  • ___
  • Teaching Assistant for COMS W4705: Natural Language Processing